Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts


With the help of the right puller you can disassemble bearings, couplings, rings, etc. in no time at all. Capacities from 4 to 150 tons.

You can choose from mechanical and hydraulic pullers, 2- or 3-jaw pullers; external, internal, blind, reversible, heavy duty. The unique self-centering series provide great user convenience. Legs do not come loose and the well-distributed pulling force prevents damage to the workpiece and / or shaft. The HP and HSP hydraulic pullers have a built-in pump and cylinder, making them suitable for use in places with limited space. For safe bearing disassembly, choose our self-centering pullers!

Mechanical pullers

Hydraulic pullers

Mobile hydraulic pullers

BBP & BPPS for rolling stock