Maintenance & hydraulic tools for bearings and transmission parts

Custom made

Mounting and dismounting solutions

Sometimes standard products do not meet your demand. We can engineer and produce solutions for your specific needs. Bega has already completed many projects with the aim of optimizing production processes and increasing production capacity. Our R&D team is happy to exchange ideas with you.


Mounting and dismounting solutions with Mid frequency heaters

By applying medium-frequency technology, effective energy transfer takes place to the workpiece, which makes it heat up quickly and easily. The MF Quick-Heater consists of a generator with a fixed or flexible inductor. 

Inductors are custom made to fit all kinds of applications. Thanks to the double temperature measurement (Delta-T) perfect controlled heating is possible, fast or slow, depending on the application.  


Mounting solutions with Low frequency heaters

Bega designs and builds customized induction heaters for serial heating of metal parts, such as bearings, sprockets, gears, bushings, rings, aluminium housings of E-motors. If fast heating and accurate temperatures are important, these Low frequency "Specials" offer surprising possibilities. Depending on sizes, dimensions, and available energy source, temperatures of 150-400°C can be reached in seconds. This method of heating is suitable for the most popular metals and alloys.


Hydraulic maintenance equipment

For the rail industry, we have realized various projects in the field of maintenance of rolling stock.


These are some examples of projects. Wheelset presses, Wheel rim presses, Bogie lifting jacks.

Hydraulic projects

Induction projects